Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn: The History of the Masterclass

When we created Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn we knew there was a lot of ground to cover. As we offer ongoing support, coaching and business development programmes. We needed to consolidate everything we knew into actions. This is how we did it… 

How the Masterclass has changed 

Since the inception of WYNCOL LinkedIn has changed dramatically. Not just the platform, but the psychology of the user base. They understand that there is money to be made, relationships to cultivate and opportunities to grasp using the platform. This means people are no longer precious and sceptical when it comes to connecting and messaging. 

At the time the training tapped into the LinkedIn landscape at the time. The approach felt unnatural to new users with the Facebook mindset. There were two skills we needed to train the most. Tools and mindset. 

When we say tools we mean the features of LinkedIn. The types of content you can post, how to structure your profile and new events features to name a few. As the platform updates itself and the algorithm changes it’s important to keep up to date and on top of the latest tools you can use. 

The mindset changes are permanent. Once you make the change to consistently post and prospect you’ll see the results of your efforts gleam it becomes easier to shift your mindset. 

These tools we have pulled apart and learnt to leverage, and the mindset changed from “you need to start” to “this is how you win”. 


Our events fully kicked off as we took our knowledge of consistently winning new business on LinkedIn on the road across the UK. Training hundreds of professionals each year across the country. Before the pandemic, our sessions ran in the morning and afternoon focusing on different elements of social selling on LinkedIn. Profile, Sales Navigator and elements on Content. As the years progressed we worked closely with business owners to help with their offering alongside LinkedIn. More than simple how-to’s and guides and methods to generate natural conversations. 

Post Pandemic 

During the days of Lockdown, we refined our approach to events to incorporate live webinars on LinkedIn. New to live-streaming, but not new to the platform we brought free training sessions across the world in the UK, Europe and America. Bringing an in-person free session to Miami and Dubai. As the world opened back up to in-person events we took everything we learnt from our online live sessions and free events to recreate Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn. Our masterclass with the same name as the predecessor, but brought back up to speed. 

The Need To Know 

There are so many different elements that come with social selling. Starting with the offer, moving along to the profile and content, then ending it all with outreach. On its own each topic seems straightforward. Get it right and move on. But, there are moving parts to each element that’ll make it easy, or very hard for someone to win business. This is why we focused down on the need to know. 

  • What would truly make the difference? 
  • How could a professional achieve these results whilst still running their daily operations? 
  • How much theory and practice is needed to make this work? 

In the end, we settled on the foundations, what you need to know to win a client on LinkedIn. Without any added fluff, or major changes to how you want to win business. So, businesses can achieve success on LinkedIn through messaging that feels comfortable without spending hours or emptying their bank account on advertising.

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